Learn About Keno Odds

Learning the keno odds for greater chances of winning is a must-do for all serious keno players. This is because there is no proven scheme for winning the numbers drawn in the game. A printed summary of all the possible outcomes from all sets of keno games and their corresponding bets is called an odds table.

Keno Odds

Aspiring for the jackpot in a 20-spot keno game takes a lot of patience, as well as gambling money, to "hit" all the numbers in a particular keno draw. The odds of "hitting" all numbers in a single game are approximately 1 in 3.5 quintillion; this shows how difficult it can be to match all or several marked numbers in a keno ticket. However, careful assessment of the odds table that is usually presented in every booth and online site can help. This is why learning the keno odds for greater chances of winning is worthwhile. Online keno odds on a casino site are just the same as traditional keno odds in an actual casino. Play keno online for faster payouts.

Keno Strategy

Keno is a game that is virtually customizable, meaning each player can select as many numbers as he wishes as long as he does not exceed 20 numbers per game. He may also choose to select a smaller number of spots in his ticket. As a result, the payouts vary depending on the number of spots the player has picked. Some people say it is better to pick more numbers, but this does not actually guarantee a win. Most odds tables show that the probabilities of matching the drawn numbers are inversely proportional to the number of spots in the ticket. In other words, there are greater chances on picking a smaller amount of spots than selecting a maximum 20 out of 80 numbers.

The best option is to pick five to seven spots from the 80 given numbers or to refer to the odds table to check for the probability of the numbers.

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