The World’s Best Recreation Park

The World’s Best Recreation Park is the best choice of tourist destination with family, friends and girlfriends. Aside from being a means of entertainment, recreational parks can also be a location to find a mate for singles. Many beautiful moments can be obtained from the world’s best recreational parks, because all things beautiful memories start from togetherness, compactness and cooperation.

The density of daily activities starts to make us need mutual entertainment, of course, the world’s best recreational park is the most appropriate choice as a tourist destination. Now there are very many developed countries and developing countries competing to provide the world’s best recreational parks with various game tigers.

The number of high-tech game machines equipped with high-quality licensed security provided by the company of recreational game development companies is the main charmer. The reason is, the game engine that has the highest challenge is always the most appropriate choice for adrenaline. Where when you can shout as loudly as you can, it is the most sought-after cure for stress relievers.

If you want to do a tour, of course you need to know what destinations and where the right destination. The following below is a list of the world’s best recreational parks that can be the best choice destination:

Amazing The World’s Best Recreation Park For Family

1. Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida

There are various playgrounds and interesting shows that you can enjoy in the world’s best recreational park. Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida is one of the best playgrounds in the world. The construction of a playground that spends millions of dollars offers a variety of tour packages ranging from Rp. 500 thousand, just choose to try rides or watch any shows.

2. Europa-Park in Rust, Germany

The advanced industrial country from the Marcedes Benz manufacturer has never missed the best for every citizen. You can try a variety of challenging rides at this playground located in Germany. Entrance tickets start at Rp. 830 thousand. Prepare your savings to play here, because all the vehicles challenging adrenaline are ready to take you on an adventure like in the wild.

3. Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California

Uncle Sam’s country is not left behind in the world of entertainment, there are a number of locations of the world’s best recreational parks in the United States. To enter the world’s best playground this one seems you need to spend a little in that is around Rp. 2 million to take part in various tour packages provided there.

If you visit the world’s best recreational park, Universal Studios Hollywood then you can find Hogwarts to the studio used for filming Hollywood films.

Charming The World’s Best Recreation Park

4. Le Puy du Fou in Les Epesses, France

As one of the developed countries in Europe, France is a large country that has historical heritage from the past. The number of buildings with European Classic architecture can be easily found in various corners of the home town of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The tourists who visit the world fashion country can enjoy a variety of colossal performances that are made in this playground an attraction that makes people want to come back and watch it. If you want to see the history of history, especially in France, don’t miss Le Puy du Fou … the excitement of colossal performances will spoil every eye watching the event.

5. Beto Carrero World in Penha, Brazil

This one destination can’t be missed, as the world’s lung state because of the wealth of fauna and flora in the Amazon forest. To perfect the location of the destination, the government in power in Brazil also has built the world’s best recreational park thanks to the success of bringing in investors.

In order to watch live shows and attractions, you need to spend Rp 1.3 million. With this ticket, you can explore Firewhip, Star Mountain, Big Tower, Madagascar Crazy River, Freefall, Betinho Carrero 4D, Raskapuska, and Ferrovia Dinomagic. The many choices of games in the world’s best international recreational parks, the Brazilian government believes that it can increase the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

The World’s Best Recreation Park Beautiful And Challenging Adrenaline

6. Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark

Of the many developed countries in Europe, Denmark is one country that has many of the best architects and includes many game developer industries. With the style of the architect, it is of high artistic value for natural beauty, combined with econic culture from the Asian region. Denmark has the world’s best recreational park that deserves to be a tourist destination.

In order to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the game machines at Tivoli Gardens, visitors only need to pay the cost of an entrance ticket for Rp. 240 thousand. You can enjoy the architecture of exotic buildings with beautiful flower garden landscape, we can be sure all visitors feel at home for a long time in this one tourist park.

Favorite Destination The World’s Best Recreation Park

7. Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island, Singapore

Singapore is the most advanced country in all fields for the Southeast Asian region, even though the country of the Lion is not very large. The Singapore Government continues to provide a plot of land to be used as a tourist destination, the location is Universal Studios Singapore which is on Sentosa Island.

Almost every visitor in Singapore always makes a visit to play at Universal Studios, with entrance tickets around Rp. 750 thousand for adults. There are 7 movie-themed zones that you can explore, namely Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar.

8. PortAventura World in Salou, Spain

Famous as a high-tech country that has all the famous artists, Spain does not only offer colossal destinations. The Spanish Government also provides many other tourist locations such as the most amazing one is PortAventura World.

With an entrance ticket of around Rp 330 thousand, you can explore PortAventura, Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land. Collect courage to try the roller coaster, because there are still many interesting games that will spur your adrenaline.

Famous Location On Asia

9. Leolandia Capriate in San Gervasio, Italy

Located in the southern part of Europe, Italy has a very strategic geographical location as a tourist destination. There are many historical buildings from the past that still stand firmly until now.

One of the buildings that has hitherto attracted the world’s attention is the Colloseum and the sloping tower of the Piza. Although it is rich in heritage of high-value historic buildings, the Italian Government still provides a very interesting playground. One of the world’s best recreational parks for children with a playground that is not too adrenaline. Suitable for running a family! For those of you who want to visit Europe, especially in Italy, don’t miss this one destination.

10. Hong Kong Disneyland in Hong Kong, China

Even Hong Kong had become one of the most advanced provinces in China. Because of the geographical location of Hong Kong in a hilly area with a strategic peninsula in the trading area.

The beauty of Hong Kong is incomplete if you haven’t visited Disneyland, the world’s best international recreation park. It seems like everyone will be happy to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse on DisneyLand. Especially with a variety of rides and spots that are fun. With Rp. 1.1 million, you can explore the entire contents of this Hong Kong DineyLand.

Information about all of the world’s best recreational park destinations has been discussed above. You just have to make your choice. Make sure your vacation is an unforgettable moment in a lifetime.